Why Use Text Message Marketing for Your Restaurant

Why use text message marketing for your restaurant? If you own a restaurant, you would know that running one isn’t a walk in the park. There are times when business is good; other times, the place is almost empty.

A good way to attract more customers – at times when you need them – is through text message marketing. You can send time-sensitive, exciting offers, as well as weekly specials that your target market can receive almost instantly.

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What Text Message Marketing Is All About

As the term implies, it is the use of text messaging to promote your restaurant. You can use it to promote special offers and events, and send discount coupons. For example, your business is doing well on weekends, but very slow on Mondays. To boost activity in the restaurant, you can send out a message to your customer list: “Text XXXX to reserve a table and get a 20% discount on your order. MONDAYS only!”

After that, you can expect customers to flock in during Mondays. To put it simply, text message marketing is an effective, affordable, and easy way for your restaurant business to take advantage of the massive popularity of text messaging, resulting to an increase both in revenues and customer loyalty.

Why Use Text Messaging

Here are some compelling reasons you should use text message or SMS marketing to reach your restaurant’s target customers:

  • Text messaging is widely popular today. – Most people today have smartphones they use for texting. Based on statistics, 73% of all Americans send and receive text messages on a regular basis. That is a lot of potential customers.

A restaurant is in an enviable spot to cash in on the popularity of text messaging. 97% of young adults aged 15 to 24 regularly text. You can say it is the most popular type of written communication today. Now, what makes this significant to a restaurant business? The answer is simple. Compared to other age groups, adults aged 18 to 24 eat out more often. They are the ones most likely to patronize your restaurant.

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  • A text message is almost guaranteed to be read.

  • Most people read new text messages within a couple of minutes from receipt. Thus, your marketing message is more likely to be read by your target audience than an email. This makes text messaging one of the best ways to reach prospective customers.
  • A text message is “instant.”

  • Texts are not just read. They are immediately read. According to studies, 90% of text messages are opened and read inside of 3 minutes. Sending a marketing message and having it read all in a span of 3 minutes: that is very fast. What marketing strategy can produce such speedy results? Text message marketing offers a lot of marketing opportunities for your restaurant business.
  • A text message is “intimate.”

  • Why do people read new test messages quickly, often within a couple of minutes? This is because most people expect messages from family, friends, and other loved ones. Unlike the inbox of your email, your text inbox is an intimate and exclusive space.

Once your customers receive your text messages, they won’t see you as just another faceless business. Chances are, they will see you as a friendly restaurant with a warm, human touch.

  • A text message is “mobile.”

  • With a text message, you can reach your loyal patrons anywhere, anytime. This is because people take the phones anywhere they go. A lot of people even have their phones with reach even while they are sleeping.

Thus, your target customers always have your message with them, unlike printed flyers, menus or coupons that recipients can easily throw away. Your text marketing message is always available, wherever and whenever your customers may need it.

  • A text message is affordable.

  • The cost of text message is only around a cent per text, but the expected ROI is great. Most restaurants do not have the budget for a TV commercial. Some do not really need to launch a full advertising campaign; they just need help to boost revenues in times when business is slow. This can be achieved by coming up with an enticing loyalty program.
  • A text message is received well.

  • When done properly, a text message to promote your restaurant is not like a spam email blast. For one, recipients are already your customers. This is what makes text message marketing very effective. You are tapping into your most valuable resource: customers who love your food.

These are only a few reasons to use text messaging to promote your restaurant business. It is fast, effective and affordable.

Want to see text message marketing in action? Text ‘help me’ to 31996

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