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7 Things Google Hates and How to Fix Them

A high rank on Google’s SERP can mean the difference between getting organic traffic every day and never seeing a single visitor on your site that you didn’t pay for. But if you are making any of the most common mistakes that Google hates, you could be in trouble. The good news is that these mistakes are easy to correct. Here are 7 things that Google hates and some quick ways to stop doing them and start getting the organic traffic you need.

9 Great Ways to Grow Your Email List

A lot of businesses have email lists that have stagnated because they’re not doing anything to attract new subscribers. They’re not sure where to start and as a result, the people who visit their website aren’t taking the extra step to opt-in for emails. What can you do about it? The answer is right in front of you. All you need is to make it easy for people to sign up and then give them a reason to fork over their email addresses. Here are 9 things to try.

How to Use Psychology Hacks and Jedi Mind Tricks to Grow Your Audience

Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, you’ve probably heard the term Jedi Mind Trick. Maybe you’ve wished it were a real thing that you could harness – for good, of course – and use in your marketing. We’ve got great news for you. While the Jedi aren’t real, it is possible to use mind tricks – also known as cognitive biases – to get people to engage with your content and buy your products. All you need is an understanding of how the human brain works.

What Mobile Marketing Can Do for Your Small Business in 2021

Most of us keep our mobile devices within reach at all times, even when we’re sleeping. From a marketing standpoint, that’s good news. But only 70% of small businesses are using mobile marketing to promote their products and services. Only some of those are doing it effectively. Here’s what you need to know about how mobile marketing can help your small business in 2021.

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