Creative Text Messaging Ideas for Restaurants

Looking for creative text messaging ideas for restaurants? People love special offers and freebies. There is no question about that. Offering people incentives to sign up will more likely entice them to come to your restaurant. That is what marketing is all about – the more satisfied customers you serve, the more successful your restaurant will be.

A word of caution, though. A lot of businesses fail because of their “me-too” marketing style. This means following exactly what other successful businesses in the area do. While you can do this up to a certain degree, you have to be creative and stand out from the rest.

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Text Messaging for Restaurants

A good way to promote your restaurant is through creative text messaging. However, you have to make sure that the messages you send are neither irrelevant nor unwanted. Otherwise, you will annoy your subscribers and prompt them to quickly unsubscribe. You will only waste your time and effort this way.

However, when done properly, Text Messaging, with all its simplicity, can help your business grow. You can easily lose subscribers with a simple mistake. Keep in mind that once you lose customers, it would be very difficult to win them back.

Creative Text Messaging Ideas for Your Restaurant

Following are some ways on how you can increase your customer list and subsequently increase your sales through creative text message marketing:

  • Text for a chance to win a free dinner for two.

When offering a reward or incentive to your customers, make sure that it is something that will be of value to them. Make it enticing for them. Instead of just giving a free meal, make it more creative and interesting.

For example, invite your customers to send their comments or feedback via a text message, and have a chance to win a free dinner for two. Tell them that the executive chef will personally prepare the dinner for them. The winner can also request for the specific meal they want to have. Your customers will appreciate the token of appreciation for their patronage. It will also help develop brand loyalty.

To make the event more interesting, take pictures of the winners having their free dinners, then share the photos and videos in your restaurant’s social media pages. The idea is to create as much hype about the event as possible. This will help create more engagement, and generate more sales.

  • Text and get a surprise appetizer for free.

  • A lot of other restaurants have a similar promo. Usually, the offer is printed on table tents. Be more creative than that. Encourage guests to text to get a surprise appetizer for free. Make sure to change the free appetizer offer on a daily or weekly basis. It is also a good idea to offer something that is not on your regular menu.

Be consistent with this promo. In time, customers will be excited to find out what exciting, new free appetizer you have in store for them for the week.

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  • Text to have a dish or menu item named after you.

  • People, in general, love to be given special treatment. Everyone wants to be remembered. An SMS campaign will help you take advantage of this natural need.

For instance, you own a sandwich or deli shop that offers unique menu fare. You can encourage your regulars to text in exchange for the honor of having a menu item named after them for a day. Now, who would refuse the chance to see their name prominently displayed on the menu board?

  • Reserve a table through Text Messaging.

To succeed in the highly competitive restaurant industry, you need a continuous flow of foot traffic, during weekends, in particular. By allowing your customers to make reservations, you make your restaurant appear more exclusive. At the same time, you lock in some business for the day.

The good news is, you can do this even if your establishment is not a fine-dining restaurant. You can send customers in your list a message like “10% discount on all appetizers just for TONIGHT! Call us at (987) 654-3210 to reserve your” table and avail of the offer. You can encourage customers to come by offering an incentive. To make your customer feel even more special, put the customer’s name on their reserved table around 15 minutes before their appointed time.

These are only a few ideas on how to promote your restaurant through text messaging. With a little creativity, you can come up with more.

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