Do you manage a restaurant? Need help making the transition to the 'new normal'? We can help! New 3 Steps to a more predictable profitable restaurant business

How it Works

We first help you install online food ordering. Then, we build your custom robot. Then we help you to market effectively.

Step 1: We set up and install your online ordering system.

Give us your menu and we will build your online ordering system and add it to your website, Facebook, and Google!

Step 2: We set and up and install your custom-built database building robot

When your customers order online, it is important to collect a potential long term clients name, email, and phone number.

Step 3: We set up and install your marketing campaign

We structure promotions that reach your customer database via text messages and email, combined with simple Facebook ads.

How We Help You Drive More Sales

HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIRD-PARTY DELIVERY SERVICES: Add your restaurant to them all. We show you how to turn them into a New Customer Acquisition service!
SIX PLACES ONLINE TO PUT YOUR MENU: Now that you have in-house online ordering system and on all the popular delivery services, it is now time to update your business in places people can find you
PROMOTE YOUR MENU: We help you build promotions and Facebook ads that generate more takeout calls and more online ordering sales.

Online ordering

Add revenue through online
Sales immediately

Custom Robot

Add structure and

Marketing campaign

Targeted to your ideal